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Dear Sweet Sunnah,

Like many people around the world I have also experienced the miracle of the "Seed of Blessings" The Black Seed. This Is My Story....

Back in January of 2003 when I was four months pregnant, I received the worst news that any expecting mother could hear...something was wrong with the baby.

I was told by the technician at the ultrasound clinic that she had found a cyst in the baby's kidney. As I left the clinic completely numb and crying to The Creator for help I made my way to my children's school. My son's teacher approached me and asked "Sister is everything okay, you don't look well" I began to cry and I told her the bad news. In an encouraging manner she replied "Oh don't listen to what those doctors tell you all time, just use some black seed".
"You know The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wasallam, mentioned in the Hadeeth "That is a cure for every disease except for death" she explained.

The next day she brought me some ground black seed and directed me to take a teaspoon of the black seed with honey everyday. So I did.

About 3-4 months later I had an appointment with the specialist to see the stage of the cyst, if it has grown ect. You can probably guess....The cyst was gone Alhumdulillaa.

Since then I have replaced tylenol, use of antibiotics, any and every skin ointment, vitamins, cough syrup, you name it, with your products. I really have to say that the quality of each and every product of Sweet Sunnah Black Seed Herb Inc. really does stand above the rest. May Allah Subahna wa-ta-a'la bless you all and reward you greatly for creating such an amazing line of health and beauty products, thank you!


Your Sister in Islam
Smaira Siddiq Khan