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Black Seed Oil for Skin & Body

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Black Seed Royal Ultra Rich Hand & Body Moisture Cream - 4 oz Black Seed & Shea Butter Moisture Cream - 6 oz Plain Shea Butter: Pure No Odor - 6 oz Foot Butter Soothing Peppermint - 4 oz
Pleasant Butter Blend - 6 oz Natural Rose Butter - 6 oz Pure White Shea Butter: Filtered & Creamy - 6 oz Pure Yellow Shea Butter: Filtered & Creamy - 6 oz
Silk Butter Hair & Body Lemongrass Infusion - 8 oz Moroccan Bath Mit Shea Nut Oil: Body, Face, & Hair - 8 oz Pure White Shea Butter Filtered and Creamy 1 lb.

Environmental exposure can be tough on the skin. Premature aging, dry patches and discoloration are a few of the negatives that skin constantly has to fight. Black seed oil has countless benefits for skin health, including antihistamine, antimicrobial, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Vitamin A is a major ingredient of black seed oil for skin. This vitamin helps add elasticity to skin fibers and strengthen collagen to improve appearance. Topical formulas that contain black seed oil are beneficial to skin cells. Vitamin B and C are two other nutrients of black cumin seed oil. No artificial chemicals are needed to produce a high amount of hydration and create fresh new skin cells. It can easily be mixed with other natural oils for truly transformative results for the skin.