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                                                                     Black Seed Uses:
Commonly known as the "seed of blessing," black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used as a natural remedy  in the Middle and Far East for more than 2000 years. Black seed provides nutritional support for the body's defense system.
In 1959, the active ingredient in black seed, crystalline Nigellone, was first isolated and identified as providing many health benefits. Clinical trials have validated the efficacy of black seed in promoting health and wellness.

The most pertinent point to be made about black seed is that it should be regarded as part of an overall holistic approach to health and ideally should be incorporated into one's everyday lifestyle.  In this way, the many nutritional and healing properties contained in the seed can help build the body's immune system over time, supplying it with the optimum resources it needs to help prevent and fight illness.


  1. Black Seed As A Daily Health Supplement:
    Most medicines work best when given a chance to run their full course, and this too, is the case with black seed.  In cognizance of its substantial nutritional components, as well as its specific medicinal properties, the body's ability to maintain health and promote healing of a lasting nature is best increased through regular use of black seed.
  2. Black Seed As An Energy Source:
    Ibn Sina (980-1037), in describing the black seed as that which "stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue or disspiritedness," still holds true for Tibb (Islamic Medicine)  health practitioners today.  The rich nutritional value contained in black seed as outlined by scientific analysis of black seed, also points to it as a great source of energy. From the Tibb health perspective, the black seed has an ability to maintain and restore body heat.  Our Western diet, predominantly made up of cold foods -- ice in our drinks, yogurt, pizza, cheese -- all deplete the innate heat our body requires in order to optimally function.  Tibb holds the view that a reduced metabolic rate (innate heat) is the cause of most illnesses.  The body, in losing energy, also loses its ability to fight off toxins, resulting in a greater chance of contracting illness.
  3. Black Seed And Other Medication:
    Black seed may be used in conjunction with conventional or other forms of natural medicine.  It is not recommended that black seed be used exclusively in the treatment of serious medical complaints which may require more immediate action.  For example, conditions like bronchitis sometimes require conventional antibiotics to prevent the condition from becoming more severe.  However, black seed may be used as a therapeutic aid together with this and other forms of treatment to help counteract any side effects experienced from the use of antibiotics or other potent, chemically based medicines.
  4.  Pregnancy And Lactation:
    The black seed is not recommended during pregnancy, however during lactation.  It is an excellent form of added nutrition for both mother and the growing child while its immune system boosting properties serve as a natural, safe way to build resistance against illness.  In addition, as studies have shown, black seed helps increase milk production during breastfeeding. Initial trials have shown that black seed may have an ability to increase the male sperm count.
  5. Babies And Toddlers:
    In addition to its many nutritional components, black seed contains carotene, which is essential for infant growth.  During the toddler years, black seed provides children with all the energy they require for this active stage of life.  Regular usage of black seed, which increases its immune system strengthening effect on the body, will decrease the length and severity of natural childhood illnesses, particularly during winter when children are most susceptible to contracting colds and flu.
  6.  Black Seed For The Elderly Person:
    Which its rich nutritional, energy-giving value, in combination with immune system strengthening properties, black seed is an ideal health supplement for the elderly person.